Seeing your children go off to school is a beautiful feeling of accomplishment, pride, and relief. You’ve done your job to get them to a place to explore their independence, and you get some of yours back too!

Now you have the chance to think about how your home may need to be updated to accommodate not only your kids’ home visits during spring break and weekends, but how to live your best life in this new chapter of an empty nest.

Our client had recently experienced this transition with their kids going off to college.

Their 13 year old home needed more common area space for when the kids came back to visit on the weekend, along with their friends who might want a home cooked meal (and to do some laundry) too.

The clients wanted to add a 1,200 sf new addition to their family room, update their master bedroom with a new spa-like master bathroom, and to add a new laundry/craft room to boot.

What we created was nothing short of fantastic! A beautiful master suite that was airy, light and bright, with a luxurious soaking tub and large shower, with the feeling of a spa retreat every time they opened the door.

We also helped organize their family room furniture to accommodate their growing circle of friends and family.

The new laundry room is now a great space, free from traffic from the garage, and doubles as a sewing room.

Indigo & Alabaster Design made all of their design dreams for their home a reality.

If you are ready to transform your home to continue creating family memories when your kids come home, let’s connect!

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