A well-designed home full of color that expresses your style and vibe, while having a floor plan that allows you to live life easily and comfortably.

Our recent client was a young couple, just starting out on their adventure, and ready to make their house into a stylish home that fit their young professional lifestyle.

They’d recently bought a starter home that needed a major color/paint and space planning rework. It was run-down and hadn’t been updated since being built in 1951.

The previous homeowners had painted all the doors and trim in odd colors that didn’t fit the energy of their lifestyle in the home. In addition, the kitchen cabinets were falling apart and the master bedroom was in a state of disrepair.

We have never met a challenge we weren’t up for taking on, and this transformation was no different.

Some of the transformational changes included reworking the floorplan to give them a master suite with it’s own bathroom and a larger closet.

We also worked with a trusted custom cabinet-maker to create a functional and beautiful new kitchen.

The final design transformation included creating more usable space for furniture that complemented the new wood floor used throughout the main living area.

This update added a timeless, elegant feel to the home, which is exactly what they were looking for as they begin to start their family.

If you are ready to give your home a complete transformation, by adding color to your home, re-working the way your home flows, or remodeling your favorite space, let’s connect!

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