When you have a large family or entertain on a regular basis, ample and comfortable seating is one of the most important things to consider in your home.

Our client had this exact challenge. They had a family room that wasn’t working for them anymore, and felt tired and lack-lustre. They had been living in their home for about 12 years, and needed new furniture along with a breath of fresh air into the entire design

It had gotten to a point where their furniture was worn and outdated. The room was small, so they needed a creative furniture solution that would fit nicely in the space, give the space an esthetic upgrade, and ultimately create a fun, loving environment, where they could gather to create family memories.

As the perfect design solution, we found comfortable seating in fresh, beautiful, vibrant colors to complement their existing sofa – which upgraded and refreshed the whole space.

The new furniture also provided ample seating for their family gatherings, and created an invitation for family & friends to enjoy game & movie nights all in one place.

If you are ready to create long lasting memories in your family room, let’s connect!

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